CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION: 303-210-6404 or 303-748-0317
Call for more information: 303-748-0317 or 303-210-6404



Tejon34 is forging its own path in getting back to nature. Energy efficient systems are combined with environmentally sensitive, locally sourced materials, including brick, stone and steel. Generously sized windows, accented with large, wood timbers, capture and disperse light throughout each home.

  • Tejon34, Winner: Many Shades of Green Category

    The annual Mayor’s Design Awards celebrate the growing number of Denver’s homeowners, small business owners and developers who have made design excellence a priority in their community.

    (Tejon34) embodies the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in location, construction and function …It’s incredibly cool looking to boot.
    North Denver Tribune

  • Site Selection
    An urban infill site reduces the need for construction of new street and utility infrastructure, and supports
    the efficiency and viability of mass transport systems and local businesses.

    Site Surfaces
    Landscaping and porous materials are used to the maximum extent possible along with light colored hard surface materials to reduce heat absorption ( the urban heat island effect), and allow ground water absorption.

    On-site energy generation
    The rooftop for all units has been designed to maximize the potential area for homebuyers to add photo-voltaic or water-based solar systems.

    Location in a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood
    This reduces a resident’s dependence upon automobiles and fossil fuels and establishes a stronger sense of community for the resident. The Highland neighborhood is in the top 95% of walkable neighborhoods in Denver.

    Reclaimed materials from the site
    The former flagstone city sidewalks have been incorporated into the masonry porch and building walls.

  • Energy Star certified building shell performance

    EPA certified air quality for the building interior

    Large window areas to increase quality of living and reduce energy needs for lighting

    High Performance Andersen Windows with Low E Glass

    Special window tinting at south and west walls to reduce cooling and heating loads

    Two part insulation system to ensure high R rating and minimum air infiltration

    Reclaimed lodgepole pine timbers from beetle-kill forests in Colorado

  • Locally sourced building materials
    Flagstone, brick, timber, and wood stair treads

    Recycled materials
    Gypsum board, carpeting, steel framing, and architectural steel elements.

    Heating and cooling systems
    Energy Star rated water heater, furnace and air conditioning.
    Optimized HVAC for more efficient operation, lower energy bills, reduced maintenance and greater comfort.

    High efficiency (90% AFUE) Mantis gas fireplace

    Energy Star Rated Viking Appliances