Month: September 2018

iant HSBC, and Foot Basin Nomura Securities are all targets of Nanjing Sauna’s decision to hand over to Paulson. By the way, I have learned the facts many years ago, but as the MG Chase of the Madoff settlement center, the Nanjing sauna in the information given to Paulson, a lot of indignation highlights the privilege of MG Chase and the content of money laundering. . The Nanjing sauna has always been worried about the last time that MG Chase intercepted Hubelsden Commercial Bank. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity naturally squats on them. Although it is a bit detrimental to others, but who let them block the Nanjing sauna road? . Hey, when the incident broke out, let the media point to the felony accusation of MG Chase, I believe you can take a bite from them! Nanjing sauna some sneer sneer, picked up the phone and dialed out. In a short while, Alvitre went to the door and walked in. He handed him the 3 billion TSLF bond replacement agreement in his hand, and then introduced the matter and Al in detail. Alvitre looked at the agreement in his hand, and for a long time, he finally sighed. “Many people regard Madoff as their professional mentor… Wall Street doesn’t know how many people put his sentence “I’m making money in the rising market, and making money in the falling market, only the market that lacks BO will Let me have nothing to do. “Being the truth! Perhaps it should have long been thought that his return on investment is “incredibly high”, which was obtained by fraud.” Nanjing sauna looked at Alvitre’s awkward sigh, no spit or ridicule, said To be honest, when the scam was not opened, Madoff was indeed a superstar on Wall Street and a big investment lover sought after by the rich. A chairman of the NASDAQ board of directors. Under his leadership, Nasdaq became a stock exchange that was enough to compete with the NYSE, and made great contributions to the listing of companies such as Apple, Cisco, and Google on the Nasdaq. Now it is proved to be a century. The big liar, the collapse of this idol b