Month: August 2018

resolutely defeat this bad atmosphere. Otherwise, let this bad atmosphere spread, we I don’t want to develop forever.” Deng Fangmei spoke directly to the essence of this mass incident. The peasants expressed their aspirations angrily because of the evacuation of the company. Why did the company fly out because of the company’s construction site? Some villagers are in trouble, why are there villagers messing around? It is because some people are behind, forcing the villager named Hu Erniu to go to the construction site to make trouble! In a sentence, step by step, Hai Minghui has been forced to go to the corner by Deng Fangmei. “If this situation is not contained, and the interests of the masses are not taken seriously, this group event will continue to happen in the afternoon!” Deng Fangmei looked like a blue-green, as if she was the leader of the Wuling Municipal Committee and was reprimanding her subordinates. Hai Minghui’s old blush was black and black, and the head of the municipal party committee was reprimanded by his subordinates as a grandson. How did he get it? However, he can’t refute anything. Deng Fangmei said that he is going to retreat next year, but other members of the Standing Committee have not retired. They still need political achievements and need support from the masses. It’s really a loss of care. Hai Minghui’s heart screamed, a strong uneasiness, and Deng Fangmei jumped out of his normal state to confront him. What does this mean behind? Deng Fangmei is the person of the provincial party committee propaganda minister Zuo Xiaomei. The provincial party committee recommended Zuo Xiaomei as the provincial party committee organization minister. However, the central government did not approve it. Is it that Zuo Xiaomei is the minister? Zuo Xiaomei’s organization as the provincial party committee is not terrible. What is terrible is that the leadership of the provincial party committee has changed, and it is followed. The Jiangnan officialdom moved. Once the emperor and the courtiers, who