Some people speak out, and they are almost crippled…

But at this time, Li Lao, seems to have come to some interest, “it seems that the pan Jiao Dan is really important to you, but this thing is my young hunting to kill the pan Jiao’s trophy, not only precious, but also a souvenir, as important to me.”

Ye Donglai has a bit of helplessness.

This is also important for people, and how do you buy it?

Moreover, this Li Lao is certainly not the lack of money, and the temptation to rely on money is not realistic. What’s more, Ye Donglai doesn’t have much money, too.

“Go away, read your youth, and I will not punish you.” Lao Li waved his hand.

Little peach looked at it and hurriedly pulled Jiang Yan, saying, “little brother, do not go quickly.”

As for leaf east? She was regarded as a little boy, and she didn’t want to talk anymore.

However, he did not go and thought, “well, Li Lao, I can give you the best condition that I can help Ling Ge to alchemy for a long time.”

Referring to this, Li Lao and Xiao Tao showed their surprise.

Ling Dan’s business of Dan medicine occupies a very small proportion. The alchemists are very important to Ling GE’s nature.

But the number of alchemists is scarce, and they are seldom willing to work for others, so the alchemists of Ling Ge have never had enough.

If a pan Jiao Yao Dan can get an alchemist to work in Ling Ge, he will never lose money.

Of course, we have to see how much the Alchemist is willing to work for.”To the East…” Jiang Yan pinched the sweat secretly.

He knows best that Ye Donglai has been diligently practicing in Huayang village.