Introduced. It is a small city, located in the west of Suqian County, Jiangsu Province, where a river called phase water can irrigate farmland, and the town is just downstream of the river. Because it is located in the lower phase of water, so the name phase. From the original layout of Chu, the next phase to the southeast corner.

One thing is certain, when the end of the Warring States chaos, the next phase

27 Small town is a branch of the family of the land, Xiang Yu was born here. When Chu perished, Xiang Yu was only 10 years old.

Father was late when he was very young.

Xiang Yu was adopted by his uncle Xiangliang as an old man, and Xiangliang was the equivalent of his father and family teaching.

Division. Xiang Yu was tossed around by his uncle. By the way, Xiang Yu is a real name, but feather is the word.

He Although as a “Jing-man” of the Chu people, but also played a central Plains Han ethnic type of the name and word.

And soon the Chinese Liu Bang, who is about to be the rival of Xiang Yu, was born in a country inhabited by Han people, perhaps Because the place is too remote, but did not take a decent word. From this can also be seen, although Xiang Yu is Jing, but more like a fully accepted the Central Plains culture of the children of the family. The actual situation may be the case, that is, Jing-A-bred families are strongly influenced by the Central Plains culture, and even in the central plains, if like Liu Bang was born in the remote small village, so there will not be the central Plains gentleman so many cosmetic things. In this piece of many ethnic groups of the Earth, since ancient times not to the ethnic groups themselves, as long as you add people Central Plains culture, no longer be regarded as ^ “”.The beginning of this chapter on the south of the ethnic issues, and pointed out that “there are still many puzzling”, which is included in this piece of land since ancient times is not fastidious about this article.

For example, Xiangliang and Xiang Yu Have the central Plains name, as long as put on the central Plains clothing, will no longer be treated as a barbarian.

Only from the character of Xiang Yu, still cannot help but feel that he is indeed a young man who belongs to Jiangnan Jing. Xiangliang loved Xiang Yu, who had been brought up by him since he was 10 years old. Xiang Yu is quick, intuitive, and Linong, and very naughty, only protect the beam can be restrained. Xiangliang is not only the elegant appearance of the gentry, had previously killed people, but also with the market well Rogue has had collusion.

He took Xiang Yu wandering around, not so much because it is Chu’s legacy, but rather to avoid the victim survivors revenge. In the course of wandering, Xiangliang had taught the nephew to read. “Who can remember this stuff?”

Xiang Yu is a spoiled brat every time. At that time, it was difficult for Chu people to learn Chinese characters. In the 10-Year-old Xiang Yu, the Qin Empire after the formal establishment of the Qin Cai will be different from the geographical differences in the Chinese characters to be sorted, to form a unified text, and the majority of the knowledge of the beam is earlier Chu things.

So the item beam both teaches Xiang Yu Chu peculiar writing,


Also taught the Qin unified after the text. The meaning is the same, but this is Chu’s writing. These are the new words made by Qin.

According to this method, even if it is not Xiang Yu, it will be messed up. More difficult is thatThe writing is different by region, especially in Jiangnan ^ such as Chu Yi is much different from other places,