Unconsciously, it was late.


They went to Longxu to have their meal and returned to the inn. The Miao village was very boring at night and there was no entertainment. The two chatted for a while and each went to bed.

The interior was quiet, the moonlight was cold, and half of the scent of incense was burned with light blue smoke.


Suddenly, Xiaoqing, who was in a group, stood up and seemed to be attracted by something and ran unconsciously to the windowsill. As soon as the tail wraps around the handle and pulls it, it opens a small seam and drills out.

It walked along the wooden floor, reached the ground, passed the stream, and finally disappeared into the woods.

And in the depths of the woods, on a flat open space, the grass-and-ghost lady was burning a party of copper, tripoding, round-bottomed, and under a fire.

She was carrying a green powder and she added it constantly. Shedding a white mist from her mouth. At the same time, Lin Zhongyu has more than just a large number of shadows creeping in the moonlight and scrambling to climb into the copper tripod.

There are spiders, crickets, snakes, and crickets. They are shocking worms.

The woman watched as the copper tripod was about to fill up and couldn’t help showing his joy. Immediately afterwards, the euphoria became acute pain.



When she saw her eyes closed, her body was convulsive, and a wavy bulge was formed under the white skin. It seemed that there were living creatures in it.

“The king of the plate is on the ground, please, bless me, and bless me…”

The woman bite the roots of her teeth, and the mouth of her mouth is blood red, barely pointing to the middle of the tripod.


Just like an instant increase in the fire, Dingzhongbudu began to bubbling, crazy screams mixed with poisonous insects, horrible.

After a while, the howling gradually subsided, and the woman’s face slightly improved. Once again, she pointed out that a ghostly image that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye flashed over and it seemed to shrink back into the body.

“Call … call …”

She gasping for breath, she really escapes.


At this moment, there was another sound coming in front of her. She looked at it, but she saw a green snake coming out of her head. The two goods came along with the taste, and when they arrived at the scene, they found that they had already taken work.

He shook his head and looked rather uncomfortable.

The woman has a brighter eye. These snakes are extremely rare. If they can catch them and feed them, they will wait until next year on the Dragon Boat Festival next year. With the qualification of this serpent, it will be a winner, and that is the perfect shade of a snake.

The Yin and Yin snakes, which form when they enter, are either snakes or meat flesh, and they bite in all parts of the body. Even worse at night; there are snakes biting into the pores with the wind, internal and external attacks, no cure.


Xiao Qing followed his owner and used it. If he did not know the danger, he saw the woman stand up and smiled at herself.

The next second, it feels like it’s drifting. Right, it’s drifting up and moving quickly over there. Xiaoqing immediately exploded, desperately twisted body, but unfortunately can not break free.

Waiting until the near time, the woman reached for her hand, and suddenly a sharp wind broke.


A stone is in the back of her hand. Xiaoqing falls to the ground and turns and flees.

“I can’t live. The snake is mine. You can’t catch it.”

With a greeting, Lin walked out two people, it is a man and a woman in the inn. They stood on the court and there was no malice, only a deep curiosity.

“What did you just use, but also what?” Nanjing Night Network asked.


The woman wrinkled her brow and her red lips trembled. She seemed to whisper something.

Nanjing Night Net suddenly stared at him with luck in the palm of his hand and his right hand moved forward, grabbing it briefly and then catching it again.

“Good guys!”

He felt bizarre, only felt a slight tingling in his palm, as if he had been stunned. And that intangible thing hit the wall, and went straight to Jiangsu Night Net, Jiangsu Night Net finger one pick, the bright dagger turned a circle, in front of a horizontal.


The dragons rang out in the emptiness and thundered in the night.

The woman’s complexion changed greatly. The two men could actually block their locusts and wait until they had to attack with all their might. They heard someone shouting:

“Long autumn!”

“Long autumn!”

Well, the forest tonight is really lively. This is already the third call. The messy footsteps approached quickly, and many people drilled to get to the head. It was Dragons who followed two young men, one of them carrying a boy.

“You brother, Jiangsu Night Net sister, how do you…”

When Long Hao saw this situation, he could not help but yelled: “Long Qiu, you are hurt again!”

“No, I don’t…”

The woman seemed to tolerate her very much, and her style swayed and she panicked.

“I still said no, your trip is here!”

“She really did not, we can not sleep out and stroll, happened to meet.” Nanjing Night Network to solve the problem.


The dragons gave up this and disgustedly looked down at the bronze tripod, saying: “The hill has a stomach ache. You can give it a look.”


Long Qiu chuied his head and let the boy lay on the floor, touched his stomach and asked, “How long has he been in pain?”

“It’s good to supper. I scream for stomach pains in the middle of the night and we’ll send it right away.” A man said.

“I may have eaten dirty things. Come with me.”

She said that she took everyone to go deeper and parked in front of a wooden house. No one dared to approach. She went in for a moment and took a raw egg and a red line.

Long Qiu tied the red thread to the egg, and then the finger stroked, and the white tender arm leaked a few drops of blood beads. She drops blood onto the egg, dark red blood beads along the eggshell, and a little bit of red line.

For a moment, she lifted the boy’s clothes and rolled her eggs around her abdomen.

The people’s expression is very strange, and fear and expectation. Nanjing Night Network and Jiangsu Night Network are staring at each other with a sense of novelty and interest. This is entirely the energy of another system, which is totally different from the Taoist Act.

About a few minutes later, Long Qiu asked: “Is it still painful?”

“No pain.” The boy leaned in his face.

“Oh, remember not later…”

“Oh, no pain, no pain. Go, we go back to sleep. Thank you this time!”

When she hadn’t finished speaking, the man picked up the child and ran a few words to escape. Long Hao also came close together and said: “Oh my brother, let’s go. It’s okay here.”


The two people did not move. She was weird. She met Jiangsu Night Net and smeared it over. She laughed, “Can you give me that egg?”


Long Qiu looked up, a glimmer of strangeness flashed in his lost eyes, and unconsciously handed over the eggs.

“Oh, thank you!”

Jiangsu night net smiled, this got up flash people.

Unconsciously sleeping again tonight, they came out of the woods and returned to the inn. Long Yu couldn’t help but complain: “What do you do with that? It’s not clean.”

“What’s not clean?” asked Nanjing Night Network.

“Anyway, anyway… Oh, you don’t knock!”

She sees Jiangsu Night Net licking an egg and quickly hides to see it.

The two people were inexplicable. Seeing that the eggs were falling in the teacups, they couldn’t help. Egg white, or egg white, egg yolk is very weird, not yellow, but a white flower.


Even they are a bit sick, it was a bunch of creeping white bugs.

“This is what?” Jiangsu Night Net Qiqi.

“They aren’t locusts. It should be, uh…”

Long Yao thought about the adjective and said: “It should be the sickness that was removed by the embarrassment. Well, that’s right.”

When the two of us were together, it was true that the disease could be materialized and turned into a thin white insect. Nanjing Night Net blinked and smiled. “If you don’t hurry home, just leave a chat. We’re curious about this.”

“Yeah, I can’t sleep anyway.”

Long Xie saw him stay and said, naturally, “I don’t really understand. I know how good a species is, can hurt people, and can save people. Before a stockade had to have a grass and ghosts, and no one later. After learning, Long Qiu may be the last one.”

She said that Long Qiu could not help but dim a little more, and said: “There was a grass and ghost woman in the stockade. She was very old. She was afraid that if this thing was lost, she would find Arbor. Aber would let her pick in five stockades. At the end, I picked up Sister Ah… A sister was not like this…”

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