Street shops selling accessories are more concentrated. Nanjing Nightcome walked into the shop and leaned on the counter.

Street shops selling accessories are more concentrated. Nanjing Nightcome walked into the shop and leaned on the counter. He said directly: “The boss asked me to get some accessories.”

Finish the money out.

“Which party boss?”

“Fang Xingye, ah, open the repair shop. Oh, he did not tell you right?”

After finishing this sentence, if the other party’s reaction is still awkward, Nanjing Night Net will leave.

If the other party knows, he pretends to call the boss to confirm, but the phone book is forgotten. The owner of the accessories store must call Fang Xingye, and then ask the boss not to ask Fang Xingye so that he can go wrong. And price consistency can make mistakes.

Tried several stores, as expected, the phone got.

Nanjing Night Net with a dumbfounded Liao Dunshi and Tong Yang found a phone booth and called in the past and said:

“Hey, is the party owner who repairs electrical appliances?”

“Yeah, I have a TV set here and I’ve been very old recently. I was introduced by a relative. He is your long-time patron. He said that you are good at repairing things.”

“Well, what’s your new store? He said it was a piece, but I couldn’t find it… Oh, that’s what I’m wrong. A bit far, yes, yes, it’s okay to go by car, then I Look, these days are free to come.”

The operation is completed.

Nanjing Night Net had actually changed the address of the repair shop that had just been replaced by a better one and Liao Dunshi and Tong Yang said it again, and said the new name.

“Fuck, he’s not afraid to come back to meet us by chance?”

Liao Dunshi’s attention was indeed shifted. At least for this moment, he was furious and excited.

Nanjing Night Network said: “He is not afraid.”

Liao Dunzhen thought for a minute, “It’s also oh.”

“Let’s wait on Wednesday afternoon. No class for a long time. I’ll call two people. I’ll accompany you to pay the wages. If you don’t think it’s enough to get the money, then beat him again.”

“I can’t be angry.” Liao Dunshi said.

“That’s a good meal.”

“Okay, I’ll come, I’ll do it.”

For Nanjing Night Net, this is not a big deal. Just as Chen Youli and Qin Heyuan have recently helped Nanjing Night Network in Shenzhen, it’s fine to call them together.

What he did not expect was that Tong Yang would secretly go first. As for he could not resist, hurry to theory, or because of cowardice, afraid that Nanjing Night Net brings people to work, so I want to go for a moderate solution myself, do not know.

Only when Liao Dunshi returned to the dormitory and said Tong Yang was beaten, Nanjing Night Net and roommates arrived at the scene.

It was early evening. Tong Yang sat under the broken wall of a construction site. His clothes were broken. There was one less shoe. There were several bleeding or swollen wounds that he could see.

“How is the hair wet?” Wang Chuan said.

“It seems like there is something stinky?” Zhang Dunai was very quiet in the back.

Tong Yang looked up and smiled.

“They pissed me.”

“Grass, do his X’s go.” Guan Zhaowei burst on it.

Tong Yang quickly shook his head. “Don’t go. There is Lao Jiang. You don’t want to bring anyone. He’s a relative and a friend. A lot of people are not far from there. Some shops are open nearby. I heard that there is a big brother. It’s covered there… It’s going to suffer.”

When he finished standing up, he insisted that he had nothing to do with it, and he fell almost in the countryside.

Of course, things can not be considered this way, but in this case, to suppress, we must call the old man to adjust the people from below, or Nanjing Night Net only with Chen vertical and Qin Heyuan, certainly conflict.

Originally thought that one small thing, I do not think there is a little trouble.

As for Fang Xingye, by this step, the nature was completely different from the original.

“How big is that industry?” Silent for a moment, Nanjing Night Net suddenly asked.

Liao Dunshi said: “Thirty or so.”

“Agreement is affirmative, lustful?”

“Okay, great. Before I saw a young woman in the shop holding something to fix it, he went up to pick it up. Did you know how he got it?” Liao Dunshi took an open-breathing arm and said: ” In this way, the chest of the chest is plugged in.

“That’s good.”Nanjing Night Net nodded. “So what, did you ever stay at that salon and have a woman speak Cantonese?”

“Yeah, Minhong is speaking Cantonese.”

“That line, take me to find her.”

More than an hour later, Nanjing left other roommates outside on the street. He and Liao Dunshi, together with Tong Yang, who had been bathed and changed clothes, stepped into the salon where he had taken them.

“The boss enters…” The man fell down the door of the shop. Minhong Sister stood up. “How did you come back? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t want to come back again… Just roll out and go out.”

“No, not us.” Liao Dunshi pointed weakly to Nanjing Night.

Minhong’s sister took her eyes back from the injured Tong Yang and looked at Nanjing Night Net. What she said was, “How was Tong Yang beaten?”

“Hello, my sister Red.” Nanjing Night Net smiled and said: “It happens to be related to this matter. I would like to ask you to help me. Rest assured, we will delay your time and we will give you additional money.”

Half an hour later.

Minhong, in the kitchen, whispered words on a piece of paper in plain Cantonese:

“Yeah, my husband is old, and that actually is not enough, but he wants to live again, and he still blames me for not being able to be born…. There is no way for people to do this. It’s just like this. Money is definitely not missing, eh, just want to son.”

After finishing one sentence, she looked up at Nanjing Night Net with some cramps and nervousness. Her eyes were asking for advice.

“Very good, but in some parts, tone can be a bit more.”


“In this way, Minhong you first practiced for two days. I will do something else.”

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