“It’s pretty good, ah.” Nanjing Sauna took a nightmare and said: “What is it written?”

“It’s pretty good, ah.” Nanjing Sauna took a nightmare and said: “What is it written?”

“Write her mother.” Nanjing Night.com said that he didn’t feel right, and explained: “I mean, to write her mother, listening to it means something.”

At the same time, the girl on the podium finished reading the poems. She smiled nervously and walked to the side of the podium in applause.

A boy walked to her side and took the microphone and said: “The first “Mother’s Hair” by Li Nanfang made me blind at the stage… In this way, if you have a poet or friend who would like to exchange opinions, please raise it. Hand tell me?”

He reached out and motioned, and soon he stood up to a boy.

The boys took the microphone and snored first. The sound was huge.

“I was in tears. I cried. This is the charm of poetry. The works of Li Nanfang are full of appeal…”

Boys began to talk about it.

Nanjing Sauna to see Nanjing Night Network, “Does the poet do not talk about hygiene? Feeling so impulsive?”

Nanjing Night Net: “It seems like there’s plenty of room.”

Nanjing Sauna: “I can’t stand it anyway, let’s go.”

Nanjing Night Net: “Yeah.”

The two people were just getting ready to stand up. The host of the rostrum said: “Can you please help us to comment on this poem of Li Nanfang by the West Island teacher? Besides, we also look forward to your work for a long time. Are you saying right?”

The students under the table enthusiastically joined in and said, “Yes.”

Although they do not know exactly where the West Island teacher is famous, what he wrote.

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