Hong Kong City, summer nights, and some sweltering evenings, the surrounding single-family villas trapped by Nanjing Night Net are not bustling.

Hong Kong City, summer nights, and some sweltering evenings, the surrounding single-family villas trapped by Nanjing Night Net are not bustling. The vegetation grows and the lights are sparse. Apart from the occasional insects, it is not noisy.

Among those in charge of the caretaker, there were several sleeping on the sofa in the living room of the house, and another night watchman, front and rear, two or three of whom laid mats at the base of the wall, sat down to play cards, and drank wine.

The work was really easy. When I first arrived, I was still nervous because I knew that the guard was the Miss Zhong. But after more than a month, my arrogance grew and the original awe and fear had disappeared.

As for the new arrivals, there are several mainland Chinese who don’t have a clear background, let alone say. In this era, most of the people in Hong Kong City have not yet realized the emergence of change. In their eyes, the mainland is all in the countryside. The mainlanders are all foolish and foolish.

Several of the Zhongjia are temporarily unable to attend here…

According to the account given by Zhong Fang, they did not dare to tell the people in the house, but they said that they were kind, respectful, and careful. They were sorry, but they did not.

They are mixed. What is a treat? Do not understand, in short, nothing happens.

On the second floor, at the end of the circular corridor, the curtains of the gauze reveal light and a figure stands there. My sister Zhong Zhen whispered to her sister Zhong Yin: “The little masters are calm in the past two days and look as if they are not planning to do anything.”

“Yen,” Zhong Yin lay down, and nodded with a grim face. He grumbled, “I think he seems to be waiting for the NPC to talk with the second man. It is not to panic. And he has to stay away from us.”

“So…” The savior did not seem to intend to save the man. Zhong really smiled and said, “We may have to be closed for years like this, more than ten years or even decades.”

How to do it, my heart is consonant, the two sisters both asked in my heart.

“Or do we go to color  to lure him?” Zhong Yan suddenly sat up, his eyes wide open, looked at his sister and said: “The only hope, let him stand on our side … … nothing else Way.”

The bell really shouted, “But, do you like men? We…”

“…But we didn’t get better with women than we thought we were.” Zhong Yan said, “I’m not sure if I like men. If you really want to shut down for decades, simply take this opportunity to figure out the problem first, otherwise What a sad thing.”

Zhong Zhen is still hesitating.

Zhongyin had a gritted tooth and suddenly jumped out of bed and flew her sister and snorted.

Chung really froze it.

“The tongue,” said Zhong Yan, retreating a little, and then he rushed forward again.

Teeth, open. Tongue, tentative, touch, wrap.

It didn’t seem like it was very strong. It was heart and soul. Zhong Yin raised her hand and climbed up to Zhong Zhenxi’s chest. He gasped and said, “You come.”

Zhong Zhen: “Yeah.”

The downstairs bums looked up at the two dark shadows on the curtain… What is this situation? Can not Understand it.

About three minutes, the two sisters separated…

“It looks like you are a little older. Right, do you feel strong?” Look at his own hand, Zhong Yan asked.

“It looks like it is not very powerful.” Zhong said.

“Me too.” Zhong Yin looked down at her cluttered collar and looked up and said: “Or, try it? There is no other way.”

“Oh.” There is a very reasonable motivation. Zhong Zhen nodded and asked, “Well, who will go?”

Zhong Yin thought for a moment. “Shall we go together?”

Zhong Zhen: “…well.”

The fate is related… The determination is set, the sisters fight, and they change for a red and white, the same style of sexy pajamas.

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