Nanjing Night Net turned around and did not see any big leaders, but the news was still heard.

Nanguan Provincial Sports Bureau is next to the old city stadium. The yard is small. Except for a three-story office building, the rest are almost all bungalows. There are grass in the roofs, and there are grass in the roof, and the road is mellow. For generations.

Nanjing Night Net turned around and did not see any big leaders, but the news was still heard.

Youth volleyball competitions, but not at the first level, but the counties and cities to report up, and then concentrate on the game, Nanjing night network handed a half-day smoke, an officer was impatient to help the investigation, check Finished saying:

“Nothing was reported in Xiayuan County.”

Then Nanjing Night Nets asked if there were any young women in the provincial youth team who could retreat to help introduce their knowledge. The other party became impatient, blinked and kept silent, and held the phone on the desk to ask people questions about the stock.

This time was affected by the “Shenzhen 810 incident”, the entire mainland stock market was almost riddled, the stock market in Shenzhen and Shanghai both plummeted, is in mourning.

Secretary of the Sports Bureau finished the phone with red eyes and tears were coming down. He saw that Nanjing Night Network was still there. He said directly with anger and said, “You don’t ask me anything. I didn’t feel annoyed with you.”

“…” Well, Nanjing Night Net’s heart is not about stocks. You ask me, ah, I can at least tell you something about the big situation… I don’t see how Hu Jin made it, if you’re kind, I Just told you.

Out of the courtyard, the nephew of Nanjing Night Net looking for the door chatted.

“The women’s volleyball team is … … this year.” I heard that Nanjing Night Net wanted to arrange a volleyball team in the village school. The old man shook his head and sighed.

Not long after the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the national delegation performed well overall and ranked fourth on the medals table, but the women’s volleyball team suffered the most embarrassing Olympic Games in history, and even the team failed to qualify.

“The more it is, the more it needs to be invigorated,” said Nanjing Night Net with a smile. “Uncle, you know the right person to help introduce it. We pay the salary.”

Finally, the grandfather watched down and promised to help him find a few people who knew him. He asked him to meet him tomorrow, and Nanjing Night Net placed a cigarette on his desk.

As long as people can find insiders, this should not be difficult.

Because to say that college enrollment before the college entrance examination is a one-size-fits-all tactics, in fact, it is not much difference, especially in the era of no professional league, those who can not enter the national team, a lot of people are not easy to live after retirement.

After practicing at a young age, he did not train for the first time, he came out with cultural knowledge, and his social experience was inadequate. Many were also injured.

Nanjing Night Net is confident to lie to a gully.

This year, the development of the domestic sports economy is still very weak. The football A League must be professionalized since 1994, and the commercial transformation of other projects is still doing poorly…

In the memory of the sports team to make a huge business benefit, Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment and suddenly remembered a name: Ma Junren.

He took out a small book and remembered this person.

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